Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog Tour: David's Song by A.R. Talley

davids tour

Taken from the book cover: Annie only ever really loved two men in her life. One broke her heart, the other married her. Four children and fifteen years later, Annie’s marriage is in jeopardy. Money is tight and her husband questions the very foundation of their relationship. When Annie is unexpectedly given the opportunity to see the young man who broke her heart — a man who is now a megastar in the music industry — Annie is faced with choices. Choices that will determine what is of more value — a second chance at lost love and unfulfilled dreams or commitment, trust, and love built on years of experience.

A psychologically subtle, yet compelling tale about how the instinct and need for love overcomes self-doubt and personal inadequacy.

During the course of reading this story my opinions flip-flop. Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I don't. I am glad of the choice Annie made in the end. I won't tell you what it is! Not gonna spoil. After the story is over there is an excerpt from the second book in the David's Song trilogy, but I really feel this story stands on it's own very well. I'm still not sure what I ultimately think of the book, though. Do I like it or do I hate it? I don't think I hate it. But, I'm not sure if I completely like it. I don't know. I'm on the fence.
The story is told in two parts. The first part is a flashback to a time in Annie's college career and the second is when she meets back up with the man who broke her heart. I didn't really like some of the explanations given in the second part, but it did play true to the characterizations. A.R. Talley really did a good job of making me feel the correct emotions for certain characters.
I read this book as a review request as part of the blog tour via PDF on my laptop. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review in any way.

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