Thursday, April 18, 2013

A-Z Challenge: P is for Pilgrim

No, no, this is not a John Wayne post, Pilgrim.  This is about the John Bunyan classic, Pilgrim's Progress.  I've wanted to read it for years, but have not obtained a copy until this year.  My mom asked for it for Christmas, so I got it for her.  I am going to read it, but I want to wait until she's finished.  That might be awhile, though.

My mom's not a big reader, especially not of fiction, even if it is Christian allegorical, but she heard that famous preacher Charles Spurgeon came to Christ after reading this book, so she wanted to read it, too.

I first came across Pilgrim's Progress when it was mentioned in Little Women.  The girls played "Pilgrim's Progress" when they were younger and in the first chapter decided to go at it again.  It made me curious as to what this story was about.

Today, I'm reading Gardenias for Breakfast by Robin Jones Gunn.  The main character and her daughter are on a long road trip.  On a pit stop they buy two audio books.  Would you believe that one of them, the one they listen to first, is Pilgrim's Progress?

Ten Facts about Pilgrim's Progress:

  • 1678, first published
  • 1951, Ralph Vaugh Williams wrote an opera.
  • 1912, first feature film released.
  • 1979, feature film made starring Liam Neeson
  • 2008, feature film made with Daniel Kruze as Christian.
  • Has been translated into more than 200 languages
  • Has never been out of print
  • Two parts: first part centers itself around Christian's journey from his home "The City of Destruction" to "The Celestial City".  Second part centers around the journey of his wife, Christiana; sons; and maiden, Mercy.
  • Christian Allegory
  • Has an explicit English Protestant theology that shared the then popular English antipathy towards the Roman Catholic Church.
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  1. Great topic, John Bunyan wrote part of this book whilst in prison, There is a walk called The Pilgrims Way which stretches many miles here in the UK. starts at Winchester and continues through Surrey but not sure where it ends,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. That is interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Visiting from A-Z! I haven't read Pilgrim's Progress either, although like you I'd like to...someday! I do remember the reference, tho, in Little Women, which I HAVE read! Great post for P! Happy Blogging!
    Elaine @