Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book Review: The Best Camp Counselor in the World by Mike Ronny

There was no story here.  I'm so confused by what I read.  This is it?  This is all there is to this short story or novella or whatever you want to call it?

Eddie returns to camp as a camp counselor.  His girlfriend, Jessica, hates to see him go.  He meets a fellow camp counselor named Erika who could make him forget about Jessica or has Jessica already done that?  On top of that, the son of an old grade school bully of his has arrived at camp.

I probably would have enjoyed this story if it was longer and more fleshed out.  As I read the ebook I felt I was missing tons and tons of pages.  Did I get the abridged version?  All these questions the story created did not get answered.  Jessica and Eddie fight at the beginning of camp and she wants him to not call him.  It's never mentioned again and when he goes home afterwards its as if nothing happened.  No resolution.  Nothing!  The bully's son, you think that's going to be a dramatic moment or something.  Very anti-climatic.  What happens with Erika?  Hate to spoil it for you, but there's no story there, either!  I was very disappointed in how very little of a story there was.  We don't even know why the campers love him so since we rarely see him act as a camp counselor (or anything).

It's gotten some good reviews on goodreads.  Check them out for many readers seem to have a very different take on the book.

I read this book as a review request as a PDF on my laptop.  All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated for this review in any way.

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