Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A-Z Challenge: O is for O'Malley

O'Malley, the family Dee Henderson set her O'Malley Family series around.  Shocking, isn't it?! ;)

The O'Malleys are orphans who befriended each other in the orphanage.  Not having any other family, they became a family, and they adopted the last name O'Malley.  When they grew up they all got dangerous jobs and that's what the books are about.  Well, they're about that, finding love, and finding God.

Her story is featured in book #1, The Negotiator.  She's a hostage negotiator.  Dave is an FBI Special Agent.  The two fall in love but Dave is afraid to go forward as he's a Christian and she's not.

Featured in book #2, The Guardian, is our US Marshall.  He's not as present with the family as everyone else because of his job.  He falls in love with the only witness of a federal judge's murder.  His assignment is to watch over her, which is not an easy task.

The Truth Seeker tells Lisa's tale and her profession is that of forensic pathologist.  She falls for Marcus's friend, Quinn Diamond who is also a US Marshall.  She's a lover of animals, so her house is full of them.

He's a fireman with his story told in #4 The Protector.  A serial arsonist has targeted his area and friends.  Cassie, a sidelined firefighter, is the only eyewitness.  Jack is already friends with her and having to protect her as well brings the two closer together.

She's a trauma psychologist specializing in helping victims of distasters obtain closure and heal spiritually.  The Healer is where we read her story.  She is already friends with a co-worker of Jack's, which grows to something more.  This story is about her dealing with everything--her job, her feelings for Cole, and her sister, Jennifer's health.

The final book in the series is Stephen's, The Rescuer..  He's a paramedic who thinks he's bored with his job.  On top of that, he's the remaining non-Christian O'Malley.  With his sister on her deathbed, it's everyone's wish for him to find God.

She's a physician.  At first her story wasn't told in a separate book like the other O'Malleys.  Her story was spread throughout each one.  She is battling cancer and still holding strong to her faith.  Just this year, Henderson released the book, Jennifer: An O'Malley Love Story to bring us to the beginning of her story, since we already know the end.

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