Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A-Z Challenge: Z is for Zoo

Zoobooks.  Did anyone order these when they were younger?  My mom did for my brother and me.

Basically, Zoobooks are a monthly magazine subscription for children about animals, but I think you should keep these magazines rather than discard them like regular ones.  While new facts may be discovered they don't go out-of-date like other magazines when the season's over or the news is no longer relevant.  We kept them, but somehow, we lost them in one of our moves.  :(

The magazines helped me out in school.  I used them for school reports.  They're very informative in an interesting way.  I remember doing a report on polar bears and if I could have gotten away with it I would have been fine just using the one source of Zoobooks, but of course I wouldn't have been learning anything.

Ten Facts About Zoobooks:

  • 1980, John Wexo came up with the idea while standing in front of a primate enclosure at the zoo.
  • Original idea was to sell the magazines via vending machines at zoos.
  • 1983, hardcover library editions were published.
  • 10 issues are released each year.
  • There are now three versions: Zoobies for ages 0-3, Zootles for ages 3-6, and the Zoobooks for ages  6-12.
  • Consultant for the Zoobooks was Charles R. Schroeder, D.V.M., Director Emeritus for San Diego Zoo & San Diego Wild Animal Park.
  • There are 58 different titles in the Zoobooks library.
  • There is no Zoobook for an animal that starts with the letter Q.
  • They have a mobile app called ZooWho which allows the user to play and learn interesting animal facts.
  • Now
  • Published by Wildlife Education, LTD.
For more information check out these sites:

And that concludes the A-Z Challenge.  It was fun.  I learned a lot from what I read in other blogs and from the research I did for my own.  It was definitely a challenge.  Will I do it again?  I'm not sure.  I'll have to time to think about that before next year!


  1. Great Zoo post, this has been for me a great journey (the 4th) and it;s been a pleasure to have visited you,


    1. Thank you. It's been a pleasure reading your comments!

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