Saturday, April 20, 2013

A-Z Challenge: R is for Rowling

...which rhymes with bowling.  Being the Harry Potter fan that I am I would be remiss to not devote a day to the author.

Rowling's story is pretty famous.  I remember hearing about it on the nightly news.  She was a single mother with her baby at her side writing in a coffee shop this story about a boy wizard.  She came up with the idea for Harry while on a train.  Story goes she had no writing utensil so she sat there daydreaming about it all.

Ten Facts about JK Rowling:

  • 1965, born in England at Yates General Hospital.  Shares birthday with Harry, July 31.
  • 2007, named runner-up in Time's Person of the Year.
  • 2008, listed as the 12th richest woman in Britain.
  • The first story she ever wrote (as a kid) was about a rabbit named Rabbit.
  • Graduated from Exeter University with a degree in French and Classics.
  • She denies the rumor that when she was a single mother working on Harry Potter she lived in an unheated apartment.  "I am not stupid enough to rent an unheated flat in Edinburgh in midwinter.  It had heating."
  • According to, she does not have an email address!
  • Has three kids: Jessica, the baby she took to the coffee shop while writing Harry Potter (1993); David (2003), and MacKenzie (2005).  Think about it!  Miss Jessica is turning 20 this year!
  • Turned down the idea of having a cameo in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as Lily, Harry's mother.
  • Jane Austen is her favorite author and Emma her favorite book.
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