Monday, April 15, 2013

A-Z Challenge: M is for Martin

The author of the Baby-Sitters Club is who I am focusing on today.  She's more than that.  She's written so many more books.  Today's focus is Ann M. Martin.

I could write a lot about Ann M. Martin, especially since I read her biography, Ann M. Martin: The Story of the Author of the Baby-Sitters Club by Margot Becker R.

I still read Martin's work today.  She's a great children's author.  She's written about children, young teenagers, animals, and dolls.  What I like is her work is realistic fiction, even when it's a story narrated by a dog.  Well, okay, maybe not The Doll People, though I have not read those books, so I can't comment, and realistically people don't stay in one grade for multiple decades.

I admire Ann M. Martin. She's a normal person who has written so many fun books.  Going through the chronology of her books it's easy to see how she matures as a writer, but stays in the bounds of children's literature.

Ten Facts about Ann M. Martin:
  • Born August 12, 1955 in Princeton, NJ.
  • 1983, first novel, Bummer Summer, published.
  • 1987, published first book in Baby-Sitters Club, Kristy's Great Idea.
  • 2000, published last book in the entire BSC collection, BSC Friends Forever Super Special #2 Graduation Day.
  • 2003, A Corner of the Universe received Newbery Honor.
  • She did not come up with the idea for the BSC.  She was approached by editor, Jean Feiwel, and they're lucky to have picked Ann for the series since she was a big baby-sitter growing up.
  • The Perkins family in the BSC is based on her best friend, Beth Perkins's family.
  • Her middle name is Matthews, her mother's maiden name.
  • Had her spleen removed when she was eleven after falling off a tree house ladder.  She turned her experience into a Little Sister book #81 Karen's Accident.
  • Currently resides in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York.
Ann M. Martin's Works:
  • Bummer Summer (1983)
  • Just a Summer Romance (1987)
  • Ten Kids No Pets (1988)
  • Yours Turly, Shirley (1988)
  • With You and Without You (1989)
  • Inside Out (1990)
  • Me and Katie (the Pest) (1990)
  • Stage Fright (1990)
  • Eleven Kids One Summer (1991)
  • Ma and Pa Dracula (1991)
  • P.S. Longer Letter Later with Paula Danziger (1998)
  • Snail Mail No More with Paula Danziger (2000)
  • Belle Teal (2001)
  • A Corner of the Universe (2002)
  • Here Today (2004)
  • A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray (2005)
  • On Christmas Eve (2007)
  • Everything For a Dog (2011)
  • Ten Rules for Living With My Sister (2012)
  • Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life (So Far) (2012)
Other Works:
  • Rachel Parker, Kindergarten Show-off (1993)
  • Leo the Magnificat (2000)
  • "Lost Art of Letter Writing" for What You Wish For (2011)
  • Because of Shoe and Other Dog Stories (2012)
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