Friday, December 16, 2011

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge: What Do You Think Your Patronus Would Be

What Do You Think Your Patronus Would Be

I think my Patronus would be a dog.  I would like to be a little dog, because they're cuter.  In a previous post I said I get sorted into Hufflepuff all the time.  That's the house I've been sorted into on Pottermore.  It's my house.  Yesterday's post I said Jack Russells could be Gryffindor dogs.  I also think dogs fit very well into Hufflepuff.

The Patronus is supposed to be your protector but I also think it's a representation of who you are.  I think small loyal yippy dogs represent me well.  Maybe it'd be a toy poodle--they're smart, loyal, yippy, and small.

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