Monday, December 19, 2011

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge: Favorite Wand

I know the date on this will be Monday, but it is going to count for Sunday and Monday will come later, like after I wake up in the morning.

Favorite Wand

It would have to be what I recieved on Pottermore: 11in Rowan Wood with Unicorn Hair Core. :p  I love what it says about me.  I'm not really sure I am able to post information from Pottermore here since it is still in beta.  Rowan wands have not been owned by dark witches and wizards and are owned by clear-headed and pure-hearted.  I really feel that Pottermore has labeled me as a sweet, loyal, little thing.  I don't mind, honestly.  It is what I am.  Both my wand core and wood are difficult to turn to dark arts, so I think there is no doubt that my wand is made for a good hearted person.  Me. :)  Unicorn is the most faithful of the wand cores, which is awesome because loyalty is one of my biggest attributes!  My wand will be loyal to me and I will be loyal to my wand.

Side Note: I love the personality assessment Pottermore has given me.  I think it's showing me how other people see me and that's awesome.  It's weird, because all I did was answer a few questions for my house sorting and wand choosing, but I feel like it knows me from those answers.

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