Tuesday, December 13, 2011

30 Day Harry Potter Challenge: Most Emotional Moment

Most Emotional Moment

The most emotional moment for me is when Ron left in Deathly Hallows.  I could not believe it.  I was so upset.  I thought the book would suck without Ron. I went crazy.  We can't have the rest of the book without Ron!  I was nuts.

This is what I wrote in my notebook that I kept while reading Deathly Hallows.

Chapter 15: The Goblin's Revenge

This is a very sad chapter!  Woah.

There's a lot to talk about.  I don't know what to say.  Oh man.  It started.  The breaking of the trio has begun. Ron went home.  He went home angry.  He's mad.  He said he can't believe Hermione chose Harry over him and all she could do was cry.  Oh, man.  I hope their friendship isn't permanently broken.  I hope if Harry can kill Voldemort and live they can be friends again.  Maybe before then.  Ron!  No!  Stupid Ron!  No!
Ron was mad.  He thought Harry had a plan.  He thought Harry knew what he was doing.  He thought Hermione would want to come with him.  Harry felt hatred for Ron.  They made Ron leave the Horcrux.

Ron, please don't go away!  Come back!  Realize what a jerk you've been and come back!  Harry doesn't want Hermione.  He wants Ginny.  Hermione doesn't want Harry.  She wants you!  Harry doesn't have a plan, but can you blame him?  Come to your senses!  Ronald Bilius Weasley!

Woah!  Ron can't come back.  He won't know where to go to.  He won't know where they're hiding.  They move everyday.

No, not Ron!  (What if Hermione tells Harry she has feelings for Ron.  What if she actually comes out and says it?)  Hermione picked Harry in the sense they have to help Harry, but when it comes to matters of the heart, she picked Ron.  Oh, Ron.  Don't be stupid and don't go to Hogwarts.

Oh my god!  I can't stop saying that.  I thought Ron getting splinched and losing his left arm was bad.  I never thought this would happen in the first half of the book.

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