Saturday, November 17, 2012


I'm back.  I'm alive.  I'm still here.  What you've seen from me this past week, I think, is one post I had  scheduled already.  Last weekend I baby-sat my niece who was getting over a stomach bug.  Needless to  say, I caught it.  I was in bed all Sunday and had a small relapse on Tuesday.  This past week I've been  zapped of energy and will to get anything done.  I've only been doing the absolutely necessary stuff  because it's absolutely necessary.  I haven't even worked on my NaNo.  I was gunning for 75,000 but I'll  be lucky to get 50,000 now.  Sigh.  I haven't worked on it since last Saturday.  I haven't even looked at it  since then.  I'm feeling much better, almost 100%, but not quite.  Things will start getting back to normal  around here, hopefully.

Sadly, this means I've  missed my one year anniversary, which was Thursday Nov. 15.  :( I was going to  prepare a giveaway, but I was unable.  I will get a belated celebration together shortly.

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