Monday, November 19, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

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Top Ten Books/Authors I'm Thankful For

1. Harry Potter Series
I'm thankful this series brought my sister and me closer.  It came at a time when we were fighting constantly and falling apart.  Harry Potter is something we have in common and in our toughest times we bonded over it.

2. Ann M. Martin
I'm thankful she's written so many wonderful books including The Baby-Sitters Club.  My childhood was filled with reading her works.  The Baby-Sitters Club is what really fueled my passion for reading.  I thank her for writing.

3. Beverly Lewis
Thank you, Beverly Lewis, for writing such wonderful stories that keep me entertained.  She is one of my favorite Christian writers.  She started the Amish fiction category which I'm now checking out other authors in. I thank her for being creative and writing about a topic no one else was really covering at the time.

4. Angela Hunt
I'm thankful for the books she's written that have opened my eyes.  Her stories like The Debt have taught me more about practicing my religion than any non-fiction book has aside from The Bible, of course.  She's fabulous and I'm thankful she's out there sharing her work with us.

5. Judy Blume
Thank you, Judy Blume, for your wonderful children's fiction.  Thank you for covering controversial topics in such non-controversial ways that a conservative girl like me doesn't feel uncomfortable reading them.

6. Louisa May Alcott
I'm thankful Louisa May Alcott had the passion and talent to write.  I'm thankful she didn't just write one story on the March girls, but let us explore more than just their lives in Little Women.  Thank you for sharing more stories with us on other characters as well.  

7. Safely Home by Randy Alcorn
I'm thankful I read this book.  It's an eye-opener, not just to how Christianity is really treated in China, but how blind we are to the real world.  We see what others want us to see.  What we see is not always the truth.  We may we have it bad, but until we walk in someone's shoes we have no idea.  We think we know but we do not know.

8. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
I'm thankful for the movie and the book.  I'm thankful for the message.  I'm thankful for a writer that is from North Carolina writing about places I am familiar with.  

9. William Shakespeare
Many students are probably not thankful they have to read and dissect his work in school, but I am thankful for reading some of his works.  I'm thankful they're out there so others can make adaptations.  It's not just about his work, but what his work has done to the artistic world.

10. The Bible
How many ways can I say thank You?  Thank You, Lord Jesus.  Thank You, God.  Thank You for this book that teaches us how to be Christians, how to live our lives, and how to love You.  Thank You for the words that reassure us when things go wrong.  Thank You for the words that wrap around us, hug us, keep us warm, and let us know You are here.  Thank You so very much more than any words I can write.

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