Friday, January 6, 2012

One Book Challenge: One Book That Made You Cry

One Book That Made You Cry

Books don't make me cry easily.  I read a lot of sad books.  My mom and my sister wonder why I read them, but they don't make me cry.  If it's a good story, whether it is sad or happy, I'm going to read it.

I'm not cold hearted.  I do feel emotion.  I feel sad when I'm supposed to; I just don't usually have tears running out my eyes when I'm reading.

One book I did leak tears over was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling.  Most of the deaths didn't phase me.  OK, that sounds bad.  I was sad.  But, I wasn't boo-hooing over anything. Perhaps I would have if Ron died.  He is my favorite character.

The point where Harry learns he has to sacrifice himself I had to put the down for a second.  I couldn't believe Rowling was going to do it.  I cried.  Harry's not my favorite character, but he is the one we go through the journey with.  Seven books and it was going to end with him dead?  I couldn't wrap my head around it.

There's the epilogue.  Going from the seven year journey with the trio to seeing them all grown up, married with kids and jobs.  It chokes me up everytime I read the series.  One of the only things that can make me cry in TV shows and movies are the flashbacks, the ones showing the kids growing up (examples the flashback at Joanie and Chachi's wedding on Happy Days; the flashback at Zack and Kelly's wedding on Saved by the Bell).  This kind of has the same feel to it.  There's no flashback, but I do get the comparison to Harry's first time through the barrier.

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