Saturday, January 21, 2012

Book Review: True Valor (Uncommon Heroes #2) by Dee Henderson

The second book in Dee Henderson's Uncommon Heroes series focuses on the love lives of two military people.  Grace is a Navy pilot.  Bruce is an Air Force Pararescue Jumper.  The two met through relatives.  Grace's best friend is dating her cousin.   Grace's best friend's brother happens to be Bruce.

The story is about how two people in the military, two different branches of the military, can fall in love and have what amounts to a long distance relationship.

Many letters written by Bruce and Grace included scripture references at the end.  The actual verses accompanied it, so the reader does not have to look it up.  It's right there, which is nice and convenient.  The front of the book includes a map of where the two are stationed in and around Turkey and Iran.  I liked being able to see where they were and not trying to inaccurately place them in my head.

I did have a hard time at first keeping up with who was who since many nicknames were used.  Bruce is Striker.  Tom, Grace's cousin, is Wolf.  They have coworkers nicknamed Pup and Bear.  I had to reskim the beginning, but I finally got it straight and was able to keep it that way through the rest of the book.

The Uncommon Heroes series is not as good as the O'Malley Series, but it is suspenseful and appealing in its own right.  The books are only loosely connected, so it's not so much a series as a set of books with a common theme.  If you're a fan of Dee Henderson this book will not disappoint.

I give the book 4/5 stars because it really kept me captivated.  It felt like I was reading a movie.  I enjoyed that.  Read for pure pleasure.

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  1. This wouldn't be a book that I would pick up on my own. Good thing people like you do these reviews on them. I'm curious to see the relationship between Grace and Bruce and how it all plays out within their letters. And do they ever get to actually be together? You got my interest up. I'll have to go and look up this author. Thanks for the review.