Thursday, January 26, 2012

CFD Author Challenge

Christian Fiction Devours is a group I belong to on

Message by Cheryl: We have a plethora of wonderful authors right here at Christian Fiction Devourer's (CFD) that we would love to be able to support.  If you would like to see our authors and their books then, please check out our bookshelves and they are listed here.  Here is a link:CFD authors


Startin' out easy - 1 book
Pickin' up steam - 5 books
Gettin' hooked - 10 books
Really into it now - 20 books
All out die hard fan - 30 books
Hopelessly devoted to CFD authors!- 50 books

I have chosen "Pickin' up steam" and hope to read 5 CFD authors this year.  Check out my progess here.

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