Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Review: The Immortal by Angela Elwell Hunt

Another book to show why Angela Hunt is one of my favorite authors.

The book opens with the case of Senator Chad Mitchell, which our main character, Claudia Fischer the jury consultant, is working on. She wants to make a name for herself, her business to thrive, and hopes this case gets her the exposure she needs.

When the case is over, which her side does win, Claudia is approached by a man named Darien Synn.  He wants her to come work for Global Union, a group set on world peace, and it's president, Santos Justus for six months.  They want Claudia's jury consultant skills.

The problem is the company is in Rome, Italy.  Claudia works in New York and is engaged to a psychiatrist.  Also, her sister is pregnant with her second child.  Her fiance tells her to accept.  This job could bring Claudia world-wide fame and her assistant can take of her business while she's gone.  Her sister says it's okay for her to be out of the country doing this.  She has her husband.

Claudia takes the job.  One of her assignments is to screen people applying for jobs.  One such person is Asher Genzano.  He seems honest.  He seems trustworthy.  Nothing seems suspect.  Except he is great with languages.  He can speak every language without any trace of an accent.  This ability puts him in the position of translator, many times for Claudia who is only fluent in English and barely learning Italian.

One night, Claudia finds out her fiance is cheating on her. I didn't find this part written well.  She calls.  A woman answers.  He's cheating. They end it.  No hurt feelings.  They act like friends afterwards.  She calls him for advice all the time.  They say they weren't really in love, but it just doesn't seem believable.  This is one of the only faults I find in the story.

Claudia and Asher become close, not romantically, just better friends. He reveals his secret.  He's the Wandering Jew.  As legend has it, The Wandering Jew is a man who taunted Jesus on His way to the Crucifixion.  Jesus curses him to walk the earth until His Second Coming.  He's immortal.  Asher thinks it his job to rid the world of that generation's antichrist.  He's gotten rid of Napoleon and Hitler, to name a few.  He knows doing so delays the Second Coming and it keeps him alive longer than he wants to, but it gives time for more to come to Christ.  He believes he has to rid the world of Santos D. Justus.

Of course, this scares Claudia.  She has let a madman into the company.  She's let in someone set on killing the president of the company.  Obviously, she doesn't believe Asher.

Is Asher for real?  What is his purpose?  Is Santos Justus the antichrist?  Will Asher succeed? Will Claudia believe?

Angela Hunt has written a beautiful, powerful, well-researched story on the legend of the Wandering Jew.

I give this book 4/5 stars.  I read this book for pure pleasure.

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