Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Elections: A Call to Democrats and Republicans

For both sides, Democrats and Republicans, to pick true candidates, not just a candidate they think will beat the other side, but the one that best represents what they want in a president.  The way we're going about things now does not seem to be working for this country.  It shouldn't be about pleasing people.  It--elections--should be about choosing the candidate you want.

I am a registered Republican.  I am deeply conservative.  This isn't about just wanting my favorite candidate (at the moment I do not have one.   Well, yes, I do, Mike Huckabee, but he's not running) to win.  It's about having a real, true person in office.  I would love for the president to be Republican, but what I would also love is a candidate who is true to himself, to what he believes, and to the people who voted him in.  I'm not saying I would readily agree with someone who had differing views than mine, but I could respect him or her.  I want a president who doesn't try to fall as a moderate, doing things just to please people.  I want one who follows his or her beliefs and morals, one who will do what is right for the country, not just what is popular.  I'm not saying he or she need not follow what the American people want.  I am saying he or she needs not base his or her actions simply on what will make him or her most popular.  I believe this is what gets both sides in hot messes.

As long as I've been alive (29 years)  Democrats and Republicans have been nominating candidates who they believe have the ability to beat the other side.  When the majority head to the primaries they pick not their favorite candidate or the candidate that holds the most beliefs as them, but the one they feel can sway more voters from the other side and the undecided.

I do not want to put an end to bipartisanship.  I want the president and congress to work across the aisle.  I want everyone to work together.  I think one can do that while being true to his or her party, to him or herself, to the ones who voted him or her in office, and to the rest of the American public.

What I ask is for voters to go to the polls and vote for the candidate that best represents them.  If the candidate is super liberal or super conservative, it doesn't matter.  If you think Candidate A would have a better chance of beating the other side, but Candidate B is more your ideal candidate vote Candidate B.

We do this we may actually pick presidents who may actually do something in office.  They'll stand up for what they believe in.  They'll do what they think is best for our country.  I can respect someone who doesn't agree with me, but sticks up for his beliefs rather than someone who doesn't agree with me so he changes his beliefs just to get me to like him.  America needs a strong leader who is not afraid of showing what he or she believes in, who is not afraid of protecting the country, and doesn't care if his or her decisions make him or her unpopular as long as he or she knows this is what America needs.

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