Friday, May 17, 2013

XM Attack

I'm starting a new XM Attack on my XM Attack blog.  Well, actually I started yesterday, but I didn't post it until today.  I'm not going report here every time I put up a post there, don't worry about that.

What is XM Attack?  It's what I call my intense listening to sattelite radio.  I subscribe to XM and when I started XM and Sirius were rivals.  Each day I listen to one channel for an hour.  I record what I've listened to and my thoughts on the channel.  It's a way for me to discover all the channels XM has to offer.  With a new channel lineup implemented May 9, I decided this was a good time to do another one.

If you want to check out the post it is here: XM Attack: (((75))) SiriusXM Pops

I love XM radio.  It's not for everyone.  It's a pay service, a subscription, so if you don't listen to radio that much then it's not your worth your while.  I love radio, so this is great for me.  Plus, I get baseball.  Baseball is my favorite sport in the entire world.  I'm not always near a TV to watch my Atlanta Braves.  Having XM I can listen to the radio broadcast.  It is the home team's broadcast so it's not always Atlanta, but it's better than nothing.  If I had the online service I could get all Atlanta broadcasts but I don't think it's worth it unless I have a smart phone or a tablet.  It's good because even though I live in SC I don't always have access to the radio broadcast.  I don't know.  Reasons like Clemson is more important, Sunday football is more important, I even think they broadcast Greenville Drive games on the radio.

More importantly, XM is about variety.  You can't always guarantee that in terrestrial radio.

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