Friday, April 27, 2012

Book Review: What I've Learned... So Far Part II: Angels, Chimps, and Tater Mitts by Mike Ball

PG, 3.5 Stars

What I've Learned So Far... Part II is a humorous and touching collection of articles written by 2003  Erma Bombeck Award-Winning humorist Mike Ball.  He was also a finalist for the 2011 Robert Benchley Award.  The Erma Bombeck is a writing competition hosted every two years by the Washington-Centerville Public Library and the Erma Bombeck Writer's Competition.   The Robert Benchley Award is given out annually by his society to humor writers.

Aside from being a writer, Ball has formed a nonprofit group that conducts song writing and performing workshops with incarcerated kids named Lost Voices.  Some of the essays in this book are about the Lost Voices.  He touches lives.

This book runs through about a year of essays, articles written by Mike Ball.  He calls them essays I call them articles for his syndicated column.  He pokes fun at Bill O'Reilly's "War on Christmas" but other than that he really stays away from politics, which is a good thing.

His articles are short, but not too short.  They're easy to get through and fun to read.  I enjoyed this book.  It wasn't the best thing I've ever read, but it was pretty good.

Read as a review request.  Every opinion here is my own.

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