Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review: Patchwork Dreams (Amish of Seymour County #1) by Laura V. Hilton

PG, 3.5 stars

I picked this book up as part of the CFD Author Challenge.  Having it available at my library made it an easy decision.

This is the story of Jacob Miller and Becky Troyer.  I don't want to spoil the story, but I'm sure when you pick this book you will have some kind of idea of what's going to happen.  Reading is not about the ending, it's about the adventure.

Jacob Miller has been shipped from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Seymour County, Minnesota in a trade of Amish boys.  Amish communities do this sometimes to bring in new blood and have less interfamily marriages.  He believes he will be going back home later in the year to his girl, family, and farm life.  The family that takes Jacob in are the Troyers, Becky's family.

Becky Troyer did not go wild during her rumschpringe, but she did meet a young Englischer.  She ended up pregnant with his child.  She confessed to her church and became a member.  She was shunned for a short period of time, but not anymore.  She doesn't feel comfortable attending singings or any frolic with people her age.  She doesn't think she'll ever get married.  The Bishop in her area wants her to marry Amos Kropf, an older widower with children.  She's afraid this might be her only chance at marriage.

This is the story of Jacob and Becky.  What is the adventure they take us on?

I did enjoy this book.  I felt some things were stretched too far, but overall it was a sweet Amish tale.  If you like Amish stories, I think this is a good one to read.

I checked this book out of my public library and read it for pure pleasure.


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