Monday, July 22, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Words/Topics That Will Not Make Me Pick Up a Book

1. Vampires
This obsession the world has with vampires has made me want to stay away from anything having to do with them.  This includes the classics like Dracula, which I have not read.  I know it's a classic and not like the sexy vampire stuff of today, but I just don't want to pick it up.  This vampire love makes me sick.

2. Anti-Christian
If it's anti-Christian/sacrilegious in topic and/or the title suggests that it could be I will not read it.  I'm not going to read something that blasts my religion, my beliefs, and my faith.  I'm not sorry.  Why should I?  It's not about being open-minded.  It's about not reading something that will just make me angry.  Why put myself through that?  Plus, I don't want to support someone who writes negatively about my religion.

3. Charles Dickens
The title of an author is a topic, I think.  It counts for me.  I had a bad experience with Great Expectations in high school and it's made me steer clear of any other books (minus A Christmal Carol) by Dickens.

4. Stephenie Meyers
Ugh.  What can I say?  I don't like her works.  I won't read a book written by her.  I don't expect good literature or a good reading experience.

5.  Cussing/Swearing in the Title
If the title has a swear word more likely than not the rest of the book will, too.  I'm not perfect.  I've said a cuss word a time or two, but that doesn't mean I should subject myself to reading them.  I'm not going to throw away a book because it has a cuss word in it, but if it's so blatantly in the title I'm not going to pick it up.  I'm not going to want to hold the book or look at it.

6. Business
Books on business, running a business, being a good manager, how to get clients, blah, blah, blah.  No way, Jose!  We've had a few of those float around the house growing up as my dad had to read them for work.  I wouldn't crack one of those open for all the money in the world.  

7. Horror
If it's horror I will most likely stay away.  I'm not a fan of horror.  It's not that it scares me.  Some does, some doesn't.  Mostly, it bores me.

8. Mythology
I'm not a fan.  I'm sure there are some great stories, but I've been hit with too many boring and bad stories that the topic greatly disinterests me.

9. Steamy Romances
Hell to the No.  These are also referred to as trashy romance novels.  I'm not going to read a dirty book.  No.

10. Fae/Fairy
I scrunch my nose.  I can't really explain why I don't like it.  I think it's everything associated with it that I can't get out of my mind when it comes to the topic.

There are always exceptions (except the Stephenie Meyer, anti-Christian, and most likely steamy romances) if I come across something I believe is a good story.  Can't count everything out.


  1. Oh I definitely agree with your top 7. And 9. I'm a fantasy reader, so I really can't avoid 8 or 10. Love those actually. But with the others I'm with you. Vampires kinda make me feel sick. Or maybe I'm just through with it after Twilight. As for Charles Dickens, I haven't actually read that book but I have this reluctance to read his books merely because they're considered "classics".

  2. I laughed at your Charles Dickens response because it is nearly identical to my comment about Ernest Hemingway. I feel bad that I am thoroughly turned off due to one bad high school experience, but I can't help it!