Friday, September 28, 2012

Computer Error

I've hit a computer error!  The fan on my laptop is no longer working and has to be replaced.  Being that the laptop is a Lenovo x61t and this involves removing the motherboard and replacing the heatsink as well it not me who will be doing the repairs.  I have to take it to a shop. I've looked at three shops and haven't decided yet which one I will use, but it will be soon because I want my laptop back ASAP.

I am using my mom's laptop.  It's great, but it's not mine.  It doesn't have my stuff on it.  I'm not downloading any apps on it or anything, so I can't do much of my work.  I can read physical books and write reviews on them.  I can do most of my weekly memes.  Most of the stuff I usually do for my blog I can do.  Some I can't, because it is on my laptop.  A lot of the book review requests I can't get to at the moment, but I will get to as soon as my computer comes back in good shape!

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