Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Book News: National Libray Card Sign-Up Month

Yes, we are already 13 days into this month, but I just recently found out that it is National Library Card Sign-Up Month.

A library card is a magical wand.  It can take you places you've never been.  It can help you make new friends.  It's a pass into an unknown world.

I think everyone should have a library card. The library is a place where people can do so many things, not all need a library card. My dads picks up tax forms at the library. I check out books I want to read but do not care to own. Students do research and/or study at the library. I have friends who use the computers and internet at the library. Kids can attend events like book readings. The library is available for so much.

I remember my first library card.  I checked every BSC book the library had (not at one time).  My first trip to the library I saw a girl checking out BSC books and just about flipped my lid.  I could read more of these books whenever I wanted?!  I did.  There were other books I could read as well.  I was not limited to the books I had on my bookshelf.  I did read.  I read a lot.  I always checked out books at school (two at a time), but the public library was something else.  For one thing, their selection was bigger.

In college, I used the library a lot.  I used the school library for research and studying, of course, but the public library was my place.  I was an English major and we had to read a lot of literary books.  Instead of buying all of them, I was able to check them out of the library.  The library saved me money!

Music, movies, and audio books can be checked out of the library as well.  The selection is nothing like a movie rental store, but is something.  I've checked out movies for research and for enjoyment.  I haven't checked out any music or audio books, but I know people who have.  Audio books can be expensive, but one may not have time to actually read the book.  Giving someone the opportunity to listen to it, which is beneficial for people with vision problems, is great.

I get that some people don't like libraries because they spread germs.  That is true.  The book you've been reading has been handled by many people.  Be careful.  Wash your hands.  Don't eat while reading that book.  For me, the pros of a library book outweigh this negative.

My local library is small, but it is part of the interstate library system, meaning if another libary in the state's system has the book it will be sent to my library for me to read.  If you think your library is too small check to see if they're in something like this.

 If you don't have a library card look into getting one.


  1. I love this post! Libraries are so important, and I wish more people took advantage of them. I also wash my hands as soon as I touch the library book and will often use paper to cover them if they look particularly gross. Great post!

    Oh! Paper Pages

    1. Yeah, I try not to think about who could have already handled the library book I'm reading. Wash hands!