Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book News: Judy Blume's Breast Cancer

Judy Blume is a very popular young adult author.  If you have not read any of her work, I'm sure you've still heard of it, such titles as Are You There God?  It's Me Margaret, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and Freckle Juice.  Although I only own one book she wrote, SuperFudge, she was a favorite of mine.  I've read at least eleven of her books and I wouldn't mind reading all of them.  Anyway, this isn't about me or how many Judy Blumes I've read.  This is about Judy Blume.

Over the summer, the 74 year old author was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Check out her blog for full details.  I might have heard something about this then but pushed it aside in my memory so that it didn't stick. As Blume writes she was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma, a type of tumor found in the ducts of a gland.

We become attached to our favorite authors feeling like we know them better than we do.  I've never met her face to face, but I've read her work.  I feel some kind of attachment to her.  With aspirations of my own to become a published author I feel connected in that sense as well.  Does this make me sound crazy?

July she had a mastectomy.  It's detailed in her blog, I won't go there here.  You want to read about it, do check out her blog.  It's good to read it in her own words.  Check out the rest of the website while you're there!

Prayers and well wishes for her recovery!  It's been over a month, but the recovery process is not over yet!

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