Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Tour: The Judge by Randy Singer

Welcome to the fifth stop on The Judge Book Tour!

Judge Oliver Finney has signed up for a reality show.  This show, Faith on Trial, pits followers of the world's major religions against each other in an attempt for the creator to find that one true religion.  While on the remote island, Finney uncovers a deadly agenda of the creators.  Using his monitored internet access he sends coded messages to his law clerk, Nikki Moreno.  She's not good with cryptology so she requests the aid of a teenage crypto-geek.  Together, they must uncover the clues using an apologetics book written by Finney before the end of taping.

Previously published as The Cross-Examination of Oliver Finney.

Judge Oliver Finney defends his faith on national TV by appearing on a reality show.  I don't feel appearing on such a reality show is as much defending my faith as it is giving them a chance to mock it.  As I read this book I can't help but think of how production would edit film to make a joke of Finney. The book does not state that happens, but it is a thought that constantly ran through my mind.  They already gave Finney a steep hill to climb when it came to public voting.
"Remember", Judge Javitts said, "the results are not based on the total number of votes but on the number of converts, determined by the extent to which the contestants exceed their baseline percentages."
P. 158
Judge Finney's percentage was 75%.  He had to receive 76% of the vote to get credit for just 1%.
There are many things I would do.  Heck, I would do anything to defend Christianity, but appearing on a reality show like this, it doesn't seem like I would be defending my faith.  However, I do give credit to Oliver Finney for willing to do so.  Throughout the novel he does a great job showing how much Christianity means to him.  It's not something he does for show or for this show.  It's real to him.

Engrossed in this book doesn't describe it.  I didn't notice time passing as I read the pages. Each character is unique.  They have their own religion or their own take on religion as well as differing personalities.  With each flip of the page, the mystery and the adventure grew.  Singer wrote a story that feels like it could happen in today's world.

For more information on the author and/or this book visit www.randysinger.net.

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