Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Review: A Thousand Tomorrows by Karen Kingsbury

PG-13, 2 stars

Not one of Karen Kingsbury's better works.

Cody Gunner is a professional bull rider.  Ali Daniels is a professional barrels racer.  They each have their own problems and don't want to or know how to love another.

The story starts with Cody Gunner as a six year old.  His former professional football playing father left because of his younger brother having Down's Syndrome.  He didn't understand how someone could not live his brother.  It ate at him and ate at him until he found bull riding and found a release for his anger.

Ali Daniels entered the scene when Cody became a professional.  She grew up with a disease that affected her breathing and her ability to ride, cystic fibrosis.  Technically, she's not supposed to ride horses, especially in barrel racing.  But, she puts up with her disease to do what she loves.

This is their love story.  Ali doesn't want anyone to get close and Cody doesn't know how to love.

The story seems very rushed.  Kingsbury tells instead of shows, which breaks one of the only cardinal rules of writing.  She jumps from scene to scene skipping months and in the end years to get to the good stuff.  None of the problems were really focused on.  The first chapter felt more like a prologue than an actual first chapter.  It just didn't live up to Kingsbury's talent.  If you're a fan you'll probably enjoy the book anyway.

I read this book for pure pleasure.  All opinions are my own.

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