Saturday, July 28, 2012

Book Review: The Marriage Wish & God's Gift by Dee Henderson

PG-13, 3 stars

This printing puts Dee Henderson's first two published works together in one volume.  Both stories center around the romance of a woman who's lost her one true love and a man who wants her to find happiness again.  I did find the stories very similar, but I was still able to enjoy them both.  Both love stories are aided by God and Christianity.

The Marriage Wish tells the love story of Scott Williams and Jennifer St. James.  Jennifer lost two very important things in her life and she feels she will never be able to love again.  It is a difficult road for Scott to travel, but he is willing to go down it to bring Jennifer back from drowning.

God's Gift introduces us to James Graham, a mission worker in Africa, who has returned home to recover from an illness.  It is here he meets face-to-face his sister's friend, Rachel Ashcroft.  He had "met" her previously through care packages she sent his group.  He never planned to fall in love with her for he has plans to return to Africa.  Rachel has her own secret as to why she is trying not to fall in love with James.

I would have given this collection higher stars if I didn't feel the two stories were carbon copies of each other.  They were good stories and I enjoyed them, but that's exactly what they were.

I read these stories for pure pleasure.  All opinions are my own.