Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: By Faith, Not By Sight by Scott MacIntyre

PG, 4 stars

Scott MacIntyre was American Idol's first disabled contestant.  In his autobiography, with the help of Jennifer Schuchmann, he tells the story of his life--the ups and downs.  When there are ups there are ups and when there are downs there are downs!

Scott was born blind.  He isn't completely blind.  He can see a pinhole of light, but big fat of good that does him in everyday life.  As a very young child his mother played the piano and taught him where to place his fingers.  He learned how to play by feel, like other blind piano players.

He grew up a fascinating piano player as well as singer.  He was part of a family group the MacIntyre Family Singers with his older brother, younger sister who was also born blind, and his mom.  They traveled around where they lived at the time, Canada or Arizona, performing at churches.

When stage four renal failure tried to stop Scott's dream of studying classical piano in London, Scott relied on God and bravely moved forward in carving out his life.  When his kidney transplant, recovery, and his sister's transplant, yes the blind sister, attempted to sideline him, he persevered and made it to the top ten of Idol.

He defied the odds.  He danced on stage!  A blind man dancing, that's amazing.  Watch him and it's easy to forget he's blind.  Things don't always go as they should on the show, but he was able to work through them.  It's his faith in God keeping him grounded and able to make it through any challenge put before him.

This is Scott's story on what having faith in God can do.

I read this as a review request from BookSneeze.  All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated for this review.


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