Saturday, January 25, 2014

Secrets (Glenbrooke #1) by Robin Jones Gunn

Not only the first book in the Glenbrooke series but the first adult book Gunn wrote as her previous work had been with Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, and the like.

Jessica Morgan is running away.  From what?  She won't tell anyone.  She's running to Glenbrooke where an old friend has a job as a teacher waiting for her.  On her way to her new home she gets in a bad car accident which leaves her with no car, barely any money, and stitches on her upper lip.  The accident causes her to meet her hero, Kyle, a firefighter who rescued her.  She has a hard time dealing with her relationship with Kyle because she does not want him to get close to her.  If anyone finds out about her secret they could treat her differently, but more importantly it could get back to the thing she's running away from.

Robin Jones Gunn is a master at writing Christian romance.  I haven't read her teenage works, though that's what she's most famous for.  I've pretty much enjoyed everything of hers that I have read and this was no exception.  It's simple, sweet, and easy to read.

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