Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book Review: Night of the Purple Moon (Toucan #1) by Scott Cramer

What is the purple moon?  Should I tell you now or let you find out by reading the book?

The purple moon is what astronomers predict is going to happen when the Earth passes through the tail of a comet.  The main character, Abby Leigh, is looking forward to this night.

Something else comes along with the purple moon--toxic space dust killing off all adults and anyone having gone or going through puberty.

Abby lives with her father, brother, and young sister on a small island off the coast of Maine.  Her mother planned to come to the island that weekend, I believe.  Now with the purple moon it is just Abby, Jordan, and Toucan.

There are two female main characters, Abby and Emily.  Abby's the main main character and Emily's a minor main character.  It was very easy for me to get them confused, especially when Emily hung out with Abby's little sister.  They weren't different enough.  The two girls felt like one character split in two.

The story started out slow as the kids go around figuring out what's wrong and how to deal.  As I got into the story I wanted to know more.  I was interested in this phenomenon and if everyone would survive.  Even though the story telling felt slow it had my curiosity.  Honestly,  I am interested in reading the next book in this series.  I haven't heard of it, but being how this one ended and that it's labeled Toucan #1 I assume there will be another!  There better be as this would be a bad way to end a story.

I read this as a review request using the Kindle app on my laptop.  All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated for this review in any way.

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  1. I am finding myself intrigued, I'll be sure to check this book out when possible