Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Videos: The First Noel by TobyMac & O Holy Night by Mariah Carey

What I really want to open up with today is Kevin Max's version of "The First Noel". It is so beautiful, oh my gosh. Kevin Max is a former member of DC Talk and the news is he's the new lead singer of Audio Adrenaline! He's got such a great voice. He has also joined former bandmate Michael Tate on a few Newsboys tunes. This tune is so beautiful, like I said, and I can't find a video for it! It makes me sad that no one has put one up on Youtube or anywhere. I can't believe it's not more popular than it is. I heard it a few Christmases ago on XM Radio and haven't heard it since. :(

Since I can't find Kevin Max's version, I've put up a version done by his other former bandmate, Toby McKeehan aka TobyMac. This one features Owl City. It's much more upbeat than the Kevin Max version.

 Being that this Christmas Eve, I give you another video. Mariah Carey's most famous Christmas tune is "All I Want for Christmas is You", but today, I bring you one that I think is much better. Here is "O Holy Night".

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