Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Book Review: Following Yonder Star by Martin D. Gibbs


I feel bad I did not finish this book.  No matter how much I hate a book I will do my best to get to the end.  I didn't hate this book.  Last week was a busy week with Christmas preparations and all that, I found it so difficult to get into this story.  I read without retaining anything.  I was in the middle of the book and the only clue I had to what was going on was that these were The Three Wise Men.  I didn't a recall a star being mentioned or them joining together for their journey.  I was really confused and my brain told me to stop.  I promised to post a review so the following is the Goodreads synopsis for the book.

On a cold December night in Bethlehem, three mysterious foreign rulers paid homage to the newborn King of Man. They promptly vanished into history.

Who were these unequaled men? What hardships did they endure on their voyage? How much did they sacrifice of themselves?

This story details their harrowing journey across deserts, through a suffocating moor, over a towering mountain, and into the chamber of Herod. Throughout, they were tested by the devil and themselves. But at each test, they reaffirmed their strength, determination, and faith. The Three Kings persevered: So can we.

Following Yonder Star is a story that will reinforce the true meaning of Christmas.

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