Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Review: Carrie Goes Off the Map by Phillipa Ashley

Complete and utter chick lit.

I'm not a big reader of chick lit, but I do enjoy it every now and then and I did enjoy this book.  It was very predictable, but it also contained a few surprises here and there.

Set in modern day England, Carrie Brownhill is a local theater actress engaged to her longtime boyfriend Huw.  Unfortunately, Huw has other ideas. To get Carrie's mind off her breakup and the despicable thing Huw does, her best friend, Rowena, plans a road trip in her sort-of boyfriend's VW camper van named Dolly.  At the last minute Rowena has to back out and invites another man, a good friend of Huw's, to take her place.

This story is about how Carrie handles the breakup of her engagement and deals with traveling with one of his good friends.  It's a cute story involving friendship, relationship, betrayal, and fun.  It's a road trip adventure.

It contains a few cuss words, but they are few and far between.  It's not a dirty romance.  There is talk of sex and only one time is it really mentioned, but I sort of glanced over it, so I don't know how detailed it got.  In this aspect, it wasn't bad.

This book has also been published under the title It Should Have Been Me.  I won it in a giveaway and read it for pleasure.  I rated it 3/5 stars.

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