Thursday, February 16, 2012

Character Based Challenge: Day 11

The final day of the challenge.  I did much better this time only missing yesterday because I spent too much time on giveaways.

If you were casting your favorite characters in a movie (whether it's been made or not), who would play them?

Ron Weasley (Harry Potter): Rupert Grint.  Big shocker there considering he's the one who played him in all 8 films.  I just can't think of anyone else who should play him.  We need a red-headed, freckle faced British boy. Rupert's not freckle faced, but he just makes Ron.

Claudia Kishi (Baby-Sitters Club): This is hard because we need not just an Asian-American child actor,  but a Japanese-American child actor to play a thirteen year old girl.  I don't know who fits that bill.

Stacey McGill (Baby-Sitters Club): Emily Rose Everhard.  sophisticated look.

Mary-Anne Spier (Baby-Sitters Club): Ariel Gade.

Jessi Ramsey (Baby-Sitters Club): China Anne McClaine. It's okay if she looks a little older.  Jessi's a tall ballerina.

Mallory Pike (Baby-Sitters Club): Joey King.  She doesn't have the auburn hair, so it'd have to be dyed it (and wear glasses as well as fake braces)

Jamie Sullivan (A Walk to Remember): Elizabeth Olsen.

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