Thursday, February 16, 2012

Character Based Challenge: Day 10

I was so busy with posting giveaways yesterday (not my own, but on my giveaway page) that I forgot about the challenge.  So, here's yesterday's entry.

What ending do you wish had turned out better for a character , and how would you re-write it?

Oh, wow.  This one makes me think.  Oh, I know.  In With Love, Libby by Roxanne Henke, Vicky's daughter, Angie gets pregnant.  She does this on purpose to get out of going to college and to get her boyfriend to stay with her.  She does end up marrying the baby's father.  She has the baby and doesn't go to college, like she wanted, only she realizes that what she dreamed was not what is reality.  I loved the ending.  It turned out good for Vicky's daughter.  She and the baby's father end up going to college.  But, it takes hardship to get them there.  The baby's father has to work instead of going to school to support them and then the baby dies!  I think it's Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Thats what I would change.  The death of the baby.  It was sad.  I felt it was unnecessary.  Henke used it as a vehicle to get the kids to open themselves up and go to college (it's community college, but hey, that's college), but... I just don't like reading about the death of babies, even if they are fictional.

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