Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Live! With Regis and Kelly: Regis's Farewell Special 11-18-2011

I taped Regis's final episode of Live! and am now watching it (it's Tuesday at 8:30AM).  He's about to walk onstage with Kelly and it's already making me tear up.  I'm not a faithful watcher of Live! but I do love Regis Philbin.  I watched the Katie Couric special on Thursday and am wondering why they didn't put anything from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on there.  BTW, Donald Trump has an awfully weird smile (he's in the audience).   Showing imitations of Regis, Jimmy Fallon sounded a lot like him.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made an appearance.  Ah, Regis fell off a bike last Thursday.  Well, he doesn't look hurt.  Bloomberg gave Regis a key to the city.  I knew when he stepped on stage that is what he would be giving him.  No surprise. ;)  There's a picture of actress Emma Stone in the audience when she was younger.  Haha.

Kelly's tearing up.  She's been there for 11 years with Regis.  This is Regis's show.  Starting Monday (well, that would be yesterday) she'll be the host without her Regis, but in my heart and everyone else, I know, it's his show.  I think Kelly worked better with Regis than Kathy Lee for she let Regis be the leader and didn't try to dominate.

Kelly wrote a speech and she's trying to read it, but she's choking up.  Regis said he wouldn't cry, but I think he's tearing up, too.

The song "Seasons of Love" sung by the Broadway cast of Rent was changed to honor Regis.  995,600 minutes.  Regis is crying!  He said he wouldn't and he is!  Beautiful tribute.  Absolutely beautiful.

Walt Disney Executive Bob Iger introduced a plaque at the front entrance of the building honoring Regis Philbin so everyone who enters will remember.

I always said if I ever became famous there were three shows I would do interviews on: The Today Show, The Tonight Show, and Live! I don't know if I'm taking Live! off now that Regis is gone.  I'm not famous.  I have no one calling me to want to interview.  That would be one boring interview, I tell you. But, I do like to daydream about the what ifs.

People like Regis Philbin don't come around everyday.  He is great at hosting his morning show and when he hosts other things, like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. "Is that your final answer?"  He's likeable.  I don't know if he's really a nice guy, but he's got a good personality on TV and that's what matters for the job he's in.  My mother said she didn't like him at first, I guess when he was on The Joey Bishop Show, but as he became a morning show staple with Live! Everything changed and he was likeable.

Thank you, Regis!

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