Monday, March 9, 2015

Ten Sites to Make Money Doing Online Tasks

1.    Swagbucks: 
Earn virtual currency for Paypal money or gift cards by performing tasks, watching video, shopping, searching, and playing games.  Periodically Swagbucks will release a code which can be redeemed for a small amount of Swagbucks.  Every few months they run contests where teams work together to win extra Swagbucks.  The user will receive a bonus for reaching certain goals each day.  More bonuses are rewarded for reaching goals in 7 consecutive days, 14 consecutive days, 21 consecutive days, and the entire month.  This is my favorite site to use.  They have apps to watch videos to earn money passively.  The videos will run on their own and you can do other things like visiting the actual website to do the surveys and such.

2.       Gifthulk: 

Taking surveys, watching video, and performing tasks can earn virtual coins called Hulk Coins.  Hulk Coins can be used for cash in the form of Paypal transfers or bitcoin and gift cards.  The site awards users for their activity in the form of discounts on the rewards and more tokens for "Guess the Card", a game in which one can win coins by correctly guessing the number and/or suite of a card.  If the user reaches a specified amount every day they receive a bonus and if they do this five to seven times in one week they receive extra bonuses.

3.       Google Opinion Rewards: 

For Android users only.  This one's not going to help you pay the bills, but by answering surveys sent periodically to your Android device you can make money to spend at the Google Play Store.  There you can buy digital items like books, music, movies, TV shows, and apps.  I've been able to purchase movies and apps.  Overall I'm pleased with it.  I do wish the surveys would come more often, but hey, it's free, so I'm not complaining.  I'm also not complaining because even though you might only get 10 cents the surveys are not very long or labor intensive.

4-5.   Sendearnings & Inboxdollars:
I find these two sites to be clones of each other.  Many of the emails I get from one site I get the same from the other.  Like other sites you can take surveys,   watch videos, and perform tasks.  You also can get credit for opening emails.  You will get sent         emails to your inbox.  Open the email, click on the link, and you get two cents.  While that’s not          a lot, it’s more than you get for opening other emails.  You can play games here but I think to              actually get credit you have to deposit money.  I’m not willing to do that nor am I allowed by              state to participate in gambling websites like that so it won’t even let me do that. 
6.       Toluna:
An interactive site where one can take surveys, answer user generated questions, or polls for points.  Points can be redeemed for gift cards.  It’s like the other sites but more interactive.  You don’t just qualify for surveys.  You can take polls and such to earn small amounts of points. They are small amounts, but that’s better than zero when you don’t qualify for a survey.

7.       Opinionsquare:
Take surveys for rewards.  Every failed survey results in a token to play either a scratch-off game or a slot game with the lowest prize being 25 coins.  Coins are redeemed for gift cards or prizes like books, games, and music.

8.       Mpoints: 

Play games on your smart phone or tablet for gift cards.  Many apps are connected to mPoints.  These are fun games like Family Feud & Friends, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Hangman, and Word Search.  Some of the non-game apps connected are the Crackle app, get mPoints for watching TV   and movies, and, get mPoints for looking up words.  One is most likely going to play games on their portable device.  Why not get rewarded for it?

9.       Mechanical Turk: 
Do tasks for money.  This is real money one can transfer to their Amazon account and either spend it on Amazon or transfer to their bank account.  These are small tasks like taking surveys, data entry, audio translation, search, and other simple tasks people will post on the site as a turk.

10.   Perk:
They call themselves the most popular mobile reward earning site.  Download apps to earn Perk Points and Perk Tokens.  Perk Points are used to purchase gift cards and Perk Tokens are used to enter sweepstakes.  Among the apps one can download are TV, Trivia, Mahjong, and Search.  One can also go to their website to take surveys and perform online tasks.

On average one cannot make a living off these sites but can earn cash and gift cards to supplement and provide spending money.  If you find at the end of the month you've just barely paid your bills but you have nothing left over for luxuries or you want to save for a vacation, I recommend using sites like these.  If you're a kid over the age of 13 and your parents won't pay for a Netflix account you can make average of about $9 a month doing surveys and other minimal tasks and voila, you have Netflix (don't do this if your parents do not want you to have an account).  It can work for other subscription based internet sites like or Amazon Prime.  A lot of the users like to save their money for Christmas.  Maybe you're in college and don't have time for a part-time job but desperately need party money.  These aren't places where you can get $10 to spend tonight, but if you do your time everyday you can have money waiting for you.  Your best friend's birthday is next month and you have no money to get her a gift.  Spend some time at one, a few, or all of these sites and earn gift cards you can use to purchase her a gift or if you're lazy enough (or she's too picky) give her the gift card.  Maybe you're like me and addicted to books.  I use some of the money I make on these sites to feed my addiction.

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