Friday, June 15, 2012

Book Review: Super Suprise (Zig Zag Kids #6) by Patricia Reilly Giff

G, 4 stars

Young, new chapter book readers will definitely enjoy the Zig Zag Kids series by Patricia Reilly Giff.  I read a few of her books as a young kid so when I came across the book Super Surprise on Netgalley I knew reading it for review would be a good choice.  Unfortunately, I forgot about the review I started two months ago!  But, here it is now in it's full finished form.

Before the start of the story is a drawing of the characters.  It's nice as an introduction in case, as it was for me, this is your first time stepping into a Zig Zag Kids story.  Plus, I think it's fun for little minds to have something to help them envision the characters.

The story starts off with the students, especially Destiny, discovering something exciting is going to happen that week at the Zig Zag Afternoon Center.  Destiny is not good at reading so she does not read the poster correctly and is embarrassed when she calls out the wrong answer.  That week the students will be creating poetry.

Destiny also uncovers an awful secret.  There's no room for her teacher, Mrs. Katz!  What is Destiny to do?!

It's a great story with a great ending.  I think most children will enjoy it!

I read this as a review request from Netgalley using Adobe Digital Editions.  All opinions are my own.

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